Stress and Infertility

Stress and Infertility

We know sometimes it’s difficult to deal with anxiety, stress, sadness, and other mental health problems whenever they arise, and it’s not unusual for some of those problems to navigate while you’re dealing with fertility problems.

When you feel upset or do not feel well whether it’s some external or internal reason, then you start feeling stressed. There can be stress due to career, family, money, and any illness. Every person handles stress differently, so its effect on our body is also different. Stress can affect your fertility without any doubt.

How does stress affect fertility?

Stress can affect your fertility in the following ways. Stress hormones impair the body’s flight and fight response, and affect the rest of the body’s systems. It also includes the reproductive system. Stress can prevent pregnancy or affect a woman’s chance of conceiving.

Stress affects one part of your brain (the hypothalamus). This part controls your hormones. The hypothalamus is a gland in the brain that controls the hormones needed to release your eggs. This gland also controls the male’s testosterone hormone levels. Due to hormonal imbalance, the thickening of the uterine lining can also affect the implantation of the fetus.

How to cope with stress?

Change your routine so that you feel more relaxed and stress-free. If there is an obvious cause for your stress, find a solution to it so that you can be free from stress. Adequate sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, and yoga or meditation can all help reduce your stress. If these methods are not proven to be effective for your fertility, then you may need medical help. Talk to your doctor they may refer you to a fertility specialist. The fertility specialist will determine if there are any other reasons why you may not be able to ovulate. You will probably be given fertility medication to help with ovulation.

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