Reduce Your Chances of Repeated IVF Failure

Reduce Your Chances of Repeated IVF Failure

IVF can see as a ray of hope. It has been a way to parenthood for many couples across the world. IVF is mostly looked at as a last hope. IVF is mostly used in cases of aged women or women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. It is also preferred by couples with unexplained infertility.

Though IVF has a great success rate than other infertility techniques. When all the other fertility methods fail, people go for IVF.  The couples who have undergone an IVF cycle, most have been successful, but there would be a few who have faced a failed treatment.  A failed first cycle can take a toll on you emotionally and mentally.

When you decide to go for second round of IVF, you have mixed feelings. It’s both harder and easier than the first round. We tell you how to go into your next cycle all prepared physically, mentally and emotionally:

Case review

If you are going ahead to the second IVF, your specialist would review your previous case history and find the lackness in first IVF attempt. They can suggest you some more test and can compare it from the last one. This review can help to reduce your chances of repeated IVF failure.

Re Evolution

They may ask for complete chromosome screening of the embryo prior to implantation. This testing offers a dramatic improvement in second IVF attempt and reduction in miscarriage as well as the ability to reduce the risk of multiple gestation by transferring only one chromosomally normal embryo.

Lifestyle changes

Before going ahead take care of yourself. We know it’s devastating after IVF failure. The mother needs to be healthy in mind as well as physical aspect. Changing things can help you in various ways. Small changes like exercises, taking more fertility supplements, therapy etc. make a big difference and help you stay positive. Being optimistic and staying positive is good for you. Going with the flow will help you.

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