Problem In Conceiving

Problem In Conceiving

Many healthy couples wonder that they have been trying to conceive for the last many years, but are not able to conceive.  Have you ever thought that perhaps there is some problem that can hinder your pregnancy or some such things, which can affect your ability to conceive? According to experts, some things affect your ability to conceive. Suchas:


According to a study, any person suffering from severe depression may be less likely to conceive. This can disrupt hormone activity in women that regulate ovulation and can cause similar hormonal issues in men that inhibit healthy sperm.

Problems in uterus

Women who are having trouble conceiving, do not even realize that there is a weakness in their uterus. The muscles of the uterus are the strongest in the body of women, but our wrong diet, lifestyle, lack of nutrition, and bad habits make the uterus weak. To conceive, women must have ovulation, timely egg production, and a regular period cycle.

No ideal BMI

This is one of the primary lifestyle issues that can cause infertility in both men and women. Couples who try to conceive should take care of their BMI and maintain a healthy BMI, which plays the most important role in conception Women who are obese or overweight may experience problems with ovulation, in men, obesity can harm sperm production.

Hormone imbalance

Excess weight can disturb their hormonal balance, which can lead to poor sperm quality and problems with conception. You may have been diagnosed with PCOS, and that condition can affect your ability to have children. In some cases, Women who have PCOS, 60% of women with PCOS become pregnant naturally.

Thyroid problem

Several health problems are associated with a problematic thyroid. It decrease fertility and made it much harder to become pregnant. Thyroid disorder increased risk of miscarriage.

Nutritional deficiency

Nutrition plays an important part in reproduction. Without proper nutrients body doesn’t perform tasks efficiently, women should pay more attention to various nutrients like iron, folic acid, and micro and macronutrients. They should consume such things, which provide them with all these nutrients. In particular, women should limit caffeine intake. Poor nutrition can also limit sperm production in men. Men should limit their consumption of alcohol and smoking while women trying to get pregnant should avoid it altogether.


Age is also a major influence in conception, affecting females more dramatically than males. Men generally experience infertility issues later in life due to injury or illness.

Medical issues

Different medical issues and conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, and egg production, blocked fallopian tubes in women and sperm problems in a male that can cause trouble getting pregnant. One medical condition may also lead to another illness or disorder that inhibits infertility.

According to IVF Specialist in Faridabad, There is always a ray of hope, if you are facing any problem in conceiving, Fertility treatments such as fertility medications combined with IUI (intrauterine insemination) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) can dramatically improve the chances of pregnancy.