How to Improve Egg Quality?

How to Improve Egg Quality?

Many things matter to get pregnant and women need to have a strong reproductive system to bear the fetus. If the egg of the pregnant woman is healthy, then the development of the embryo will be better. Healthy eggs in one ovary determine the regularity of a woman’s menstrual cycle, her future fertility, and her ability to conceive.

Are you concerned about your egg quality because of your age or because of what your health care has told you? Not to worry! You can improve your egg quality naturally starting today with the 5 tips.

Maintain hormonal profile

In women, the quality of ovary eggs becomes poor due to hormonal imbalances like PCOD, thyroid, and serum prolactin hormone. Hormones interfere with the process of egg production in the ovary. Women planning pregnancy must contact their doctor, Control the problems caused by hormonal imbalance so that the quality of their eggs can be improved. For this, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

Take supplements

Egg quality can be controlled with regular intake of an anti-oxidant-rich diet and supplementary medicine. Take a nutritious and balanced diet. Take a rainbow diet as much as possible i.e. include fruits and vegetables in the diet. Along with this, you can also take supplements after talking to the doctor.

Take care of hydration

Women must drink 2-3 liters of water daily. It keeps blood circulation smooth. When oxygen-rich blood goes to the ovary, the quality of the eggs improves.

Weight management

Women need to have a healthy weight. Due to excess weight, female hormones become unbalanced, which slows down the process of egg production in the ovary. Or the eggs are not of good quality. To control weight, it is important to include exercise in your routine.

Cope up with stress

Stress increases the level of hormones like cortisol, and prolactin in the body which affect the quality of women’s eggs. It is necessary to follow the biological clock. Sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning so that your body remains in active mode. Wake up in the morning, do yoga, and meditate, you can do your favorite work or hobbies, and be active in your social life.

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