The Next Generation of IVF Treatment

The Next Generation of IVF Treatment

An innovative approach to IVF that moves away from the usual method of collecting the egg and returning the embryo to the uterus within the same cycle. Fortunately, the latest IVF technologies are addressing the issues and are revolutionary in bringing higher success rates in IVF treatments by fulfilling the parenthood dreams of many childless couples.

Next Generation Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is the most recent genetic screening test offered to IVF couples. This new technology is a PGS method for comprehensively assessing embryos for chromosomal abnormalities. Doctors can use NGS to look for problems with greater precision than conventional genetic testing methods. Next-generation sequencing can be used in conjunction with PGS or as an independent test.


When an embryo is discovered to have an aberrant number of chromosomes (too many or too few), this is known as aneuploidy, and it is known to cause unsuccessful pregnancies and birth abnormalities.

Couples can raise their chances of implantation, reduce their risk of miscarriage, and lower their chances of having a child with a genetic condition by identifying embryos with the correct number of chromosomes through preimplantation genetic screening.

PRP Treatment

Premature ovarian insufficiency decreased ovarian reserve, or early menopause occurs when the quality and quantity of your eggs are lower than predicted for your age. In this situation, before deciding on IVF, IUI, egg donation, or any other treatment, you should explore Ovarian PRP.

Ovarian PRP is a plasma therapy that involves injecting your platelet-rich plasma into your ovaries to increase the quantity and quality of eggs.

Stem Cell treatment

It is a type of cell treatment in which stem cells are harvested primarily from fat tissues or bone marrow. To replace the damaged cells, your doctor will collect healthy stem cells and inject them into you. These cells are known as totipotent stem cells because they can renew and self-place themselves in damaged areas of the body that need rejuvenation and rebuilding.

Natural IVF Cycle

The natural IVF cycle is more or less similar to natural reproduction as the process is carried out without stimulating the ovaries. The natural IVF cycle or mini-IVF cycle protocol is to obtain one fine egg that is naturally produced by women each month during the menstrual cycle and it is believed to be of the best quality.


Embryoscope is a new IVF tool that combines a customizable time-lapse incubator with a camera. It enables continuous observation of the embryo’s development without removing it from the incubator and so avoiding exposing it to outside conditions. The embryo scope takes photographs of the embryo every 10 minutes and then creates a miniature time-lapse video, which allows the embryologist to track the cell divisions and progress of each embryo. As a consequence, the embryologist selects the best embryos for implantation.

Laser-assisted Hatching

A protective shell called the zona pellucida surrounds an embryo. This outer shell spontaneously breaks out for effective implantation. However, in other situations, the zona pellucida hardens, making hatching and implanting problematic, resulting in embryo implantation failure. The most recent IVF method, known as laser-aided hatching, helps in successful embryo implantation by creating a small crack before inserting the embryo into the uterus with the expectation that this hatching aids in embryo implantation, leading to a successful pregnancy.

All these latest IVF technologies are high-quality fertility techniques and are done only in state of art clinics. The specialist has to follow strict IVF protocols to give you the best fertility treatments with high successful pregnancy rates. Ask your doctor about these treatments and whether they can help you in your treatment. The cost & efficiency depends upon the clinic and the skills of the doctor, technicians, and specialists. However, if you are not able to find such well-equipped fertility clinics then contact Best IVF Consultant in Faridabad and she will help you in choosing the right treatment based on your fertility condition.

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