Success Rate In a Single Attempt

Does IVF Ensure a 100% Success Rate In a Single Attempt?

The most successful treatment for infertility of almost all causes right now is in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is a very precise and controlled procedure that includes inducing the development of several eggs, removing the eggs from the ovaries (egg retrieval), fertilizing the eggs in an embryology lab, and then inserting the highest-quality embryos into the uterus (embryo transfer).

If you believe that the first cycle of IVF therapy will have a higher success rate, you are wrong. Sadly, despite ongoing technological advancements, there are instances when IVF fails on the first or second attempt. This is the reason why so many couples give up because they don’t commit for several cycles.

The most important thing to understand about IVF is that it isn’t always 100% successful; the procedure can be expensive, emotionally challenging, and time-consuming. One must realize that the age of the woman affects the likelihood that IVF will be successful. So, with more IVF cycles—typically three or more—the chance of getting pregnant improves.

Factors that determine IVF success rate on the first try

Various factors affect a couple’s fertility and their success rate, but the most common ones are:

  • Your Age

Your age especially for women is the most significant factor in your odds of getting pregnant in your first cycle of IVF. You must know that IVF is most successful for women between the ages of 25 to 35.

  • Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle eating, sleeping, and physical activity can affect your IVF outcome. If one of the partners smokes or drinks, if you have an unhealthy weight, the likelihood of better success rates in an IVF cycle reduces significantly.

  • The Fertility Clinic or Centre Your Choose

The chances of successful pregnancy in IVF are as dependent upon the expertise and quality of a fertility clinic. Success rates can be as high as 80% due to experienced doctors, quality IVF specialists, and trained staff with high-tech lab equipment.

  • Embryo quality

The most crucial element is without a doubt the quality of the eggs. The egg is in charge of making sure the embryo has a healthy complement of chromosomes. Embryos with high-quality grades are more likely to implant than those with low-quality grades, but sometimes even the most perfect-looking embryo does not implant.

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